Guests are welcome to come on retreat.  You do not have to be Catholics or even Christians, but we expect you to be looking for God. We are a small community of monks of whom four are priests, so we cannot give directed or preached retreats.  The sacrament of reconciliation is always possible.  Guests create their own retreat by joining the prayer of the community, by praying and reflecting quietly, by reading and they can also walk in the fields and woods or sit in the guesthouse garden when the weather permits.  The farm and certain other areas are reserved for the monks.          Check-in time is from 2.30 pm.  Check-out time is at 10.40 am daily.  Please free the room for clean-up.

The normally expected stay is not more than a week.  There is no fixed fee but we suggest $50 a day to cover all meals and lodging unless you use one of our en suite double rooms and then we suggest $75 per day/night.


Guided Tours/Visits

All are welcome to visit the monastery.  If you wish to visit the monastery and be given a guided tour, then you need to call in advance or write to us and arrange the time of your arrival, so that a monk may be made available to attend to you.  Guided tours can take place between 9.10 and 11.10 am and between 2.20 pm and 5 pm.  Some parts of the monastery are restricted.  We do not serve meals during guided tours.  Donations are welcome for guided visits.