Become an Oblate/A gift of God to yourself and to the monastery.

“The Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance recognizes the oblature which is a gift of oneself to God and the monastery. It is lived out in the midst of the community, sharing its life of prayer and work. Every monastery can receive oblates who follow the Cistercian observance….”

“The oblature has the character of a promise of mutual fidelity on the part of the oblate and on the part of the community, and it does not of itself imply any vow. However, the oblate leads the monastic life according to the spirit of the vows of obedience, conversion of manners and stability”.

Internal oblates live in the monastery with all the monks. External oblates strive to live the spirit of the monastic vows, obedience, conversion of manners and stability outside the monastery.  He makes regular visits to the monastery to participate in the life of the community.

Those who may apply: Priests, laymen or religious.

> A Catholic and practising with spiritual desire

> Must be free of commitments to a wife and children

> Debt free

>  Stamina of mind and body is required to live in this way.

Suitability will be determined case by case:

Then write to us at

Our lady of Calvary Abbey

               11505 HWY 126, Rogersville, NB

               Canada.  E4Y2N9