Is the Christian monastic life for you?

Is Jesus calling you to a form of religious life that is monastic and contemplative? As religious we live the life of the evangelical counsels. Our monastery, Our Lady of Calvary Abbey, is a community of men living the Cistercian Trappist vocation. Prayer, liturgical and personal, manual work, and spiritual reading (lectio divina) are the characteristic activities of our daily life at Calvary abbey from 1902 till the present.

To better clarify your call, write to the vocations director by letter or email.  The process of becoming a monk in our monastery begins with your first contact.  Favorable candidates are required to make initial visits to the monastery for a retreat.  A mandatory one-month with the community may follow.  Then a six-month postulancy period precedes a two-year novitiate.  During this time of initial formation, the newcomer will experience the life as Cistercians of the Strict Observance as lived in this community: Liturgical and personal prayer, Lectio Divina (spiritual and prayerful reading), manual work, classes on the Rule of St. Benedict, our Constitutions, the Bible, Cistercian fathers and spirituality and more.  After the novitiate, the new brother may make temporary vows of Obedience, Conversion of manners, and Stability for three years.   Solemn final vows will follow completing the period of initial formation and ushering in the time of ongoing formation that lasts a lifetime.

In the third and fourth-century deserts of Egypt, on the sunny hills of Italy in the sixth century, and all over Medieval Europe, monks and nuns have prayed, studied, and worked together in the joyful hope of the peace of the life of the world to come. The monks' rule is the gospel as well as the well-tested guidance of the Rule of Saint Benedict and the constitutions of our order in the heart of the Catholic Church.

Pursue your heart's desire, write to us  

The Vocations director

Our Lady of Calvary Abbey

11505 Hwy 126

Rogersville, NB. E4Y 2N9