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Daily Timetable

03.20 Rise
03.40 Vigil Service of hymns, psalms, readings.
04.30 Personal prayer, Breakfast, Reading
06.20 Lauds. Morning Worship of hymns, psalms, readings.
06.45  Personal prayers or Reading (Chapter talk on Tuesdays for the monks,)
08.00 Eucharist and Terce
08.00 (Sunday: Eucharist)
11.00 Reading or Prayer
11.40 Sext. Short Service of hymn, psalm, reading
12.00 Dinner, Dishwashing
12.30 Reading or Prayer or Rest
14.00 None. Short Service of hymn, psalm, reading
14.15 - 16.50 Work
17.15 Vespers. Evening Worship of hymns, psalms, readings
17.45 Personal prayer
18.00 Supper
19.20 Compline. Night Prayer of hymns, psalms, readings
19.40 Retire

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