As usual this time of year, we began preparing for snow, and wondering when the first storm might hit. Narrow markers are being put up to indicate the edges of drives within our property.

     Overall bookings at the guesthouse are not up, but we continue to have a high number among them of first-time guests, often young. Eight guests at a time is about the maximum we have with us and early in the month, we had such a ‘full house’, which adds a different dimension to prayer. For winter 2024, we are planning a quieter season for the guesthouse, and have been looking ahead accordingly.

      Dom Innocent set out early in the month to preach the annual retreat at our monastery of Vina, California. This was his first visit there. Benefiting from the occasion, he was able to stop by two more American monasteries on his way back.

      Brother Leo, our 96 year old in care in Rogersville, had a good month, overall, and then some; as he puts it ‘I have no suffering.’