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Friday 1st. Father Stephen presided Mass and gave a good homily, also pitching in Saturday. Despite a bit of wind remaining from yesterday, Father Stephen got out for a walk this afternoon, in temperatures in between warm and cold. 12 miles from the Mississippi, the monastery he will soon be returning to has already received plenty of snow.

Saturday 2nd. Father Bede is preparing to buy more honey for the store. Recently, we’ve been selling about twenty bottles per week. The refectory book on Winston Churchill’s wife Clementine is quite an achievement. Bringing out much of her story for the first time, the  book is enthusiastically and sanely for Clementine.

Sunday 3rd. Bede enjoyed the lunch music chosen today by Brother Glic: Johnny Cash’s Personal File.

Monday 4. The time came to say goodbye to Father Stephen Verbest today. There is always something new to learn, from someone new, in the monastic world, and it was nice having him by. The encounter with him was all the more striking for necessarily being only a few days’ length. Dom Innocent also headed out today, for a two-week conference in Rome, Italy; both will fly out of Moncton.

Tuesday 5. As though to confirm the myth, when Innocent is away, Steve finds surprises, Brother Stephan reported to us today, that he had seen a rare, albino squirrel on our front lawn, and he managed to photograph it. He says such a squirrel is one in ten thousand, but our cook says they are one in a hundred thousand. Word has it that the cats are casting a careful eye on it.

Wednesday 6. Brother Glic this morning took the Kia in to the town’s coin-operated car wash. Later, when we arrived for the Office of Sext, Msgr. Robert Harris was already seated on a Chapel bench, praying. Twelve years after assuming the Saint John See, he has retired, and he stopped in for lunch with us as he re-visits central locations in the Saint John Diocese. It was quite the feed, and with great conversation.

Bishop Harris with Father Bede

Bishop Harris with Brother Leo

Thursday 7th. Brother Leo has begun attending more Offices with the community.   






Friday 8th. Thick, black smoke alerted us and others to the fact a fire occurred here this afternoon, in the old garages, which are right next to the site of the previous fire, in the repair shop on Saint Benedict’s Day, 2017. We lost the buildings. The old, big tractor stored inside also went up in flames. The volunteer fire department responded with all their hearts, and much equipment, and the fire was out by evening.


Saturday 9th. Dom Innocent was sorry to hear the news, and says he is happy with the session for new superiors in Rome; week number two is just ahead of him. 

Sunday 10th. This afternoon, a friendly and distinguished looking stranger drove in in his truck, to see the rubble left from the fire, then as he was driving away, he gave me a compassionate look and wave.


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