MAY 2021

Saturday 1st. With borders re-tightening, just when it was thought they might loosen, Bede is not all that busy with guests’ reservations. As regards our own health, Dom Innocent reminded us this week of the importance of individual responsibility, along with sensitivity to life’s current changes. 

Sunday 2nd. After supper dishes, Bede duly refilled the tabernacle lamp with oil.

Monday 3rd. Today, the third flock of chicks for the new barn arrived. In a given year, there are seven flocks. In the greenhouse, tomato plants are growing. Waiting to be planted alongside are cucumber, zucchini, red and yellow pepper plants; and more besides. 

Tuesday 4th. In Chapter, Dom Innocent commented the Rule of Saint Benedict chapter 64 , on choosing an Abbot, a chapter that in a way paints a picture of how Benedict saw life, and monastic life  

Wednesday 5th.  Brother Stephan took leftover topsoil from the chicken barn construction site to top up the ground along the drive, where the monastery faces the lake. Last year’s work on a wastewater treatment system went on in part there, as two manholes show.

Thursday 6th. Father Roger cut some daffodils from around back, and arranged them with a few flowers from Easter still decorating the Chapel. Our refectory book, on the life of Joseph Ratzinger, takes its time, and takes pains to provide detail on the milieus in which our Joseph found himself.

Friday 7th. Brother Leo has been recalling the month of May as it played out in his home village, long ago. Playing baseball after supper, a bell would ring. They would immediately leave the ball field and enter the Church to join a half-hour of Rosary prayer, interspersed with Marian songs sung by the best singers around. Then back to the game.   

Saturday 8th. Father Roger made us nice soup with rice, warming up the day a bit. Brother Leo is nearing the end of the biography of Newman he is reading, and can’t get over the trouble people gave Newman near the end of his life, or the tricks they would get up to.

Sunday 9th. Today marks three years since we had the on-site farm equipment auction here, an event which drew quite a crowd. The voice of the auctioneer that day could be heard from afar.