JUNE 2021


Tuesday 1st. A year ago today a series of two demolitions began here. It is so quiet now, that it is as though nothing had ever disturbed this. 

In Chapter, Dom Innocent read the Chapter of the Rule on choosing a Prior, then considered the many ways ‘prior’ and related titles have been used across the different Religious Orders. 

Wednesday 2nd. Brother Stephan put up the hammock we received as a gift several years ago, never having gotten around to using it. It is hanging not far from the flagpole, out front. Bugs are worse than usual this year, so potential hammock types may be few for now.

After a considerable lull in enquiries about booking a retreat here since the guesthouse last re-opened, Bede is now beginning to field more requests.  

Thursday 3rd. There was an unusual noise across the lake, behind the grotto today. Brother Stephan was using the bush cutter to re-open an unused trail, which runs down to the lake. Brother Leo managed to finish reading the big, Newman biography by Louis Bouyer, and has begun reading Henri Bremond’s book Sainte Chantal.

Friday 4th. Brother Leo received in the mail a sort of homage to Brother Henry, from Québecois friends from Léo’s days as guest master. This evening, he was admiring a rainbow, which followed a sun shower, and for a bit was a double rainbow.

Saturday 5th. For Communion Music on organ, Brother Stephan chose and built upon one of the most familiar of modern Catholic hymns, You Are Near, demonstrating that a well-built hymn never runs out of musical value.

Sunday 6th. Corpus Christi brought light of its own, once again this year, and we shared a festive meal at lunch.