January 2024

Early in the month, we tried out a new doorkeeper schedule. The ol’ front door is fairly quiet, with nice surprises, now and then.
Father Bede turned 81, and the occasion was marked with a lovely black forest cake.
Brother Léo turned 97 and escaped the flu which closed the doors of his care home for much of the month.
Christmas decorations in the refectory came down (sadly, considering how nice they were)
the second week of the month.
An initial run to the recycling plant in Moncton with book discards was successful.
The green light having come through, his wait having ended, Father Bede visited Miramichi’s Losier Hall for an interview before taking up residence there, and had a positive impression of the spacious home. There was a replica of a Royal Mail box inside the front door; a good sign. Bede foresees celebrating Mass in the Hall Chapel and will be living next to the Miramichi River.  Shortly before the end of the month, Father Bede moved to Losier Hall, where he was warmly received.
Dom Innocent was able to take part in the Episcopal Ordination of Msgr. Michel Proulx, the tenth Bishop of Bathurst, NB, a joyful event, accompanied by agreeable winter weather.