Winter quiet reigned, as we made our way through February; a month with a fair bit of sunshine. The loop in front of the guesthouse continues to be popular for walkers, including those with dogs.

Brother Charbel from the OC monastery of Rougemont in Quebec was by, for the first time in a while, and this was a joy. In 2013, Charbel preached our annual retreat. Memorably, he got the monks to each create a spiritual self-portrait, beginning with the words “I am a cathedral...”

Dom Innocent sorted out a situation with fuses and breakers for some parts of the kitchen and refectory. More of our unique, and aging wardrobe on the third floor was sorted through.



Father Bede put the finishing touches on his new room, at Losier Hall. A pair of binoculars is helping eke out what is which, across the broad river from him. Lively enough, for a seniors’ residence, the Hall reflects the Miramichi culture captured in the novels of David Adams Richards.