Tuesday 1st. Some colossal weeds, thriving behind shrubs, were removed today on the south side of the monastery.

Wednesday 2nd. Moose suddenly appearing on roads have been making driving difficult nearby, even as Brother Paul continues to wait for his first glimpse of a moose.

Thursday 3rd. Father Roger regularly puts a vase of fresh-cut flowers in front of our altar. A return to seasonable temperatures has meant another chance at summer, and pleasant breezes entering our windows.

Friday 4th. Dom Innocent attended a Priestly Ordination in Riverview this evening. It was the first such Ordination for the Moncton diocese in quite some time, a fact which marked the spirits of those joyfully participating. 

Saturday 5th. On a mild, rainy morning we all set out with anticipation for the other side of the tracks: lunch with our Sisters of Assomption. In part this was a thank-you lunch for services rendered by Mother Genevieve-Marie, superior, who has travels to Quebec and then to France in her near future. As always, we experienced a joyful time, and a great welcome.

Sunday 6th. Partly because of the Assumption Novena, beginning today in Rogersville, there is a bit more activity here. This morning, Deacon Armand Leblanc, who is preaching the 2023 Novena, said hello. 

Monday 7th. More monks have begun taking turns now and then at the front door, where Father Bede has been continuing Brother Leo’s work. Dom Innocent prepared some guidelines for those taking up regular shifts at the door. 

Tuesday 8th. A mother left a little note and three one-dollar coins, for a small jar of raspberries her child managed to pick, with delight. They are about the last raspberries of the season. 

Wednesday 9th. Water could be heard coursing over the distant grotto spillway, after a considerable rain. Bede had his buckets well-arranged for elevator corridor roof leaks, but this time around there were none.

Thursday 10th. At the residence, Brother Leo spoke of God’s providence, in terms of its trustworthiness, its attention to detail.

Friday 11th. Herons were alighting in a tree just outside the Chapel this week, managing their long legs with grace.

Saturday 12th. Our student worker made the most of a break in the rain this morning to get quite a bit of mowing done. The lawns are exceptionally green this year.     

Sunday 13th. Brother Paul got a little cycling in, undaunted by the occasional rain shower.

Monday 14th. On the very quiet road out front, a lady was walking her dog. The orchard grounds are being tended to. Seems our apples are a bit meagre this year, owing especially to overabundant rain at blossom time.

Tuesday 15th. Always a special day, here, the solemnity of the Assumption was beautiful. It brought our friend, Archbishop-Emeritus Valéry to town, but not to the monastery.

Wednesday 16th. The state of our roof continues to be considered, in the hopes that one day it will be set to rights.        

Thursday 17th. The van arrived for the annual inspection of the fire alarms, including a rousing chorus of the alarm bells; this year, that was not during nap time.

Friday 18th. We had our weekly informal sharing, transferred from Thursday. This week, topics included the liturgy, and formation.

Saturday 19th. Dom Innocent embarked on scheduled travel, leaving us a nice update on projects, and upcoming maintenance here. A young family pulled up to the grotto stairs, fishing rods in hand, the  youngest fishermen jumping in joyful anticipation.

Sunday 20th. Brother Leo was in good cheer at the residence today. On his wall: a picture of…Brother Leo. As has been the case for a while, his admirers can think of no better gift!

Monday 21st. Our wooden cutlery holder in refectory is not holding things the way it used to. Cutlery choice is our last step, at mealtimes, just like in a cafeteria.

Tuesday 22nd. With some nice, cool evenings, a very few leaves have begun turning color, already. As well, a goose can be heard before dawn some mornings, but the honk is not catching on.

Wednesday 23rd. Our Solesmes breviary for Vigils is taking us through the Letter to the Ephesians a very few verses per day, so monks can take some of the riches in.

Thursday 24th. The village is preparing for the annual bluegrass music festival. Alongside local bands such as Moyen Rig, groups from Tennessee will take their turn.

Friday 25th. Work is ongoing on our roof, and those living on the third floor especially, can hear our roof getting healthier, bit by bit.

Saturday 26th. The roof held up perfectly, through yet another summer rain.

Sunday 27th. DJ Father Bede played us a bluegrass music mix at lunch, but also included a tribute to Italian singer Toto Cutugno, who passed away on Tuesday.

Monday 28th. Our refectory book recounting the memories of a country nurse / mother of a family, on a remote Scottish isle has switched scenes as the family moves to urban California in the early 1980’s; a very different but no less human scene. 

Tuesday 29th. First-time retreatants, not uncommon these days, are a happy occurrence. A little list gives doorkeepers tips on how to receive, and orient them.

Wednesday 30th. The ambulance pulled up to our front door, raising monks’ eyebrows, but for once they were not here on a call. They were here to introduce new staff members to our corner of the woods, and way of life.

Thursday 31st. At our regular community sharing, which touched on matters aquatic, Father Bede reminded us that the lake to the south of the monastery was created, not by the monks, but by previous owners of the land.