Monday 1st. Dom Innocent got an early start mowing the lawns today. Inside the monastery, the rocking recliner Brother Leo frequently uses in the scriptorium got some needed new covering for the arm rest, which he has worn away. Leo is impressed with the late American author Michael Novak, whom he’s now reading.

Tuesday 2nd. From what grows just outside, Father Roger has created a nice flower arrangement to place before the altar. In Chapter, Dom Innocent continued to comment chapter 2 of the Rule, on the sort of person an Abbot should be; a remarkably rich text. Innocent also updated us on his schedule leading up to part two of the Chapter in Assisi, in September.

Wednesday 3rd. Brother Leo made a very rare exit from the monastery, to the village, and enjoyed having a look around. He had forgotten how nice some things were.

Thursday 4th. The farm pick-up is now being parked in the shade, on the lawn, as the heat and humidity continue. These conditions seem to favor insect life, as quite a tiny variety steps forth, both inside and out.

Friday 5th. The hammock out front is getting some use now.

Saturday 6th. A friend replaced one of the fire exit signs in the basement corridor, with a more modern version. Such lights originally went in to keep us up to code for the province. Monasteries in Quebec, around the same time, had codes of their own to keep up with, some demands of which seemed extravagant.

The Music Room

Sunday 7th. At Vigils and Lauds we sing hymns by the team of de la Tour du Pin and Gelineau; one element that would be nice for our bilingual set-up would be comparable English-language hymns.