Easter Day Mass

Easter Breakfast

Waiting for spring









Thursday 1st. Rain hitting the remaining snow in the fields produced a nice, rolling mist this morning, as we prepared for Holy Thursday Mass, practicing a Gloria we do not often sing.  

Friday 2nd. Our cats are finding life more interesting, as more emerges from under the snow to meet their noses. As always, today’s 3   PM service was striking, a defining moment in the year.   

Saturday 3rd. We had the last of the season’s practices / run-throughs, this time for the Easter Vigil celebration. This year, we will scale up some elements we had scaled back for 2020.

Sunday 4th. New fire was lit outside, and blessed, and so began celebrations at 4 AM; a long and rewarding moment of Easter renewal. In his homily, Dom Innocent spoke of the importance of Baptism in our lives. We received some nice things for Easter, including an angel food cake ewe and lamb; they were soon separated!