August 2017

Tuesday 1st. For the moment we’re fewer than usual. Brother Stephan has left the organ to sing Lauds and Vespers with us for a bit. Having him solo on hymns is a bit of a refresher course on ways to interpret a given melody, as he wrote the music to a lot of the hymns.

Michael who works for us has been getting dirty clearing away the last of the wreckage from the fire, his arms and face blackened by soot. At the same time, other workers have been tackling the reconstruction of the section of the garage which the fire affected but did not destroy.

Wednesday 2nd. Father Innocent arrived back to us, joyfully. Our cook is preparing a special, secret meal to share with some monastic visitors who’ll be by Friday.

Thursday 3rd. Some of Brother Leo’s dreams are striking. For instance; he dreams of strangers, simply seeing them there before him, without being able to tell who they are, then the dream ends.

Friday 4th. Father Jacques from Rougemont dropped by with a friend of his from Grand Falls. It had been many years since we had seen Jacques here. We are all in a way family, in Canada’s monasteries. The meal’s secret was: water chestnuts wrapped in bacon.

Saturday 5th. The crew building the replacement buildings are from Tracadie New Brunswick, work well and quickly. Outside of the garage are some huge sacks of fertilizer, singed by fire, no longer usable; also a set of fresh joists that will form the roof of the shop which is next up for construction.

Sunday 6th. Taking advantage of the long dry spell, a friend of ours climbed down onto the spillway at the grotto this week to sweep it clean. Confounding rain skeptics, it really rained today; not for hours and hours, but enough for water to seep into the foundation under the big, red doors. Laurie our farm hand said it was enough to do some good.

Monday 7th. The old cannery, as it is called, looks nice. It’s on the south side of the front lawn. Joe Leclair has done a great job repainting it. It is a building with character, and who knows how old. A member of our monastic family, Father Immediate Dom Clément arrived in time for Vespers and supper today.

Tuesday 8th. The ground hog, out back, has not been himself lately. The other day he glared at me more intensely than usual, then tore off. I didn’t think he could run so fast. Turns out he’s even charged on Father Innocent, without injuring him.

The Visitation having been opened in Chapter this morning, members of the community began to meet individually with Dom Clément to say how they see things here, taking as much or as little time as they wish. This evening, Clément showed us photos from home as well as videos showing the Mistassini chocolate factory. New video for the 50th anniversary of the invention of fresh blueberries covered in dark chocolate, the great, refrigerated, Lac Saint Jean treat.

Wednesday 9th. Maurice Gallant drove up to the monks’ cemetery (just outside the back door, to the left) with a little trailer load of new, wooden crosses. The white-painted wooden Crosses which had served well can no longer stand straight. Winter here is hard on them.

Dom Bede and Dom Clément visited Brother Henry today, in Dieppe.

Thursday 10th. Innocent found some blueberries growing in the backyard. They are bigger than the blueberries I remember picking in New Brunswick country fields as a boy. A better sight, still: Father Roger got back, as we were dining with Dom Clément and some of the Sisters to celebrate Dom Clément’s recent election as the eighth Abbot of Mistassini.

Friday 11th. A lone apple from the orchard has appeared next to the employees’ time clock. Today was the moment to close the Visitation. Clément read then signed his document, the Visitation Card, which is sent to the Abbot General in Rome. According to the Statute, the Visitor “…will summarize the community’s view of itself. He will add his own perception of the situation of the community…”. There is huge leeway for deciding what a person would or even could say in a few pages. In Clément we are blessed with a Father Immediate who is human, bright and spiritual.

Saturday 12th. Our Lady’s Saturday. A nice chance to prepare for the great Solemnity a few days away, which always gathers people, familiar to us, new to us, here.

Sunday 13th. The long, milk pick-up truck comes early these days, which is to our liking. It gives more time for washing and sanitizing the big milk tank in preparation for afternoon milking.

Happy feast of the Assumption, Patronal Feast of the Cistercian Order, Patronal Feast of the Acadians.

July 2017

Saturday 1st. The mosquitoes assembled for a Canada Day fly-by as the calves were being fed this morning. Stirring. Dom Bede for his part was one province west this Canada Day, on the first leg of his journey to the Lac Saint Jean region of Québec. Sunday 2nd. This afternoon, some folks could be heard… Continue Reading

June 2017

Thursday 1st. I congratulated one of the workers on a nice job, and asked his family name: MacIssac. Our monastic guests arrived in time for Vespers. Dom Bede slid in some extra stalls. Suddenly, our common prayer received new vigor. Drinks were served with Supper (a chicken fricot) and a fellow from France was able… Continue Reading

May 2017

  Monday 1st. The new Vespers books are making a good debut over-all. With every second Psalm now in English our Office becomes more universal. As the English is a version we’ve never sung before, we also gain a new way of breaking open the Scriptures. Tuesday 2nd. The cats were seen with the ground… Continue Reading

April 2017

Saturday 1st. We discussed the final question preparatory to the house report, this time on formation. To ease the snow melt, one of the tractors plowed a path for drainage behind the guest-house. Later on, two barn cats explored the scene, and the smell of the earth. Sunday 2nd. Brother Léo’s reservation book is just… Continue Reading

March 2017

Wednesday 1st. Ash Wednesday Mass went well. Our truck got a little help from Garage Thebeau today. We presently have two vehicles for the community plus one, a second pick up, for the farm. We tried leasing our car rather than buying it this time. Next year with the end of the lease we’ll see… Continue Reading

February 2017

Wednesday 1st. Our dump truck got a new coat of paint and is now blue. One of our farm hands is preparing to drive to Nova Scotia to sell a young bull at an auction there tomorrow. Spring is a ways away, but today two of our youngest calves were gamboling about near their hutches… Continue Reading

January 2017

Sunday 1st. Dom Bede extended his best wishes at Chapter this morning, then the monks saluted each other, making their way around our round table. 2017 Calendars were distributed. Dom Bede outlined the principal dates for the year, which include trips to Italy more than once or twice, and even a trip to California. Monday… Continue Reading

December 2016

Thursday 1st. More snow—more complaining in town. This evening: the sound of the winter wind. Does it sound different because of the snow? Sort of a faint whistle. Friday 2nd. On the farm, it has been necessary to spread liquid manure on the fields in the snow. Otherwise the sewage lagoon would be too full… Continue Reading

November 2016

Tuesday 1st. The same two gentlemen are back to the second floor archives. This time instead of scanning our old photos, they are taking pictures of them with a camera that is fixed in place. The website they are creating with all the Rogersville history they manage to gather is . They are inspired… Continue Reading

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