Monday1st. We sang page 202 for Sainte Therese of Lisieux, at Lauds. The words, are by an anonymous monk in French-speaking Europe; the music is by someone here, one of us, and after we finished singing it I thought, that’s incredible, that music came from here. It’s perfect.

Tuesday 2nd. In Chapter, Dom Innocent continued to comment on the Rule of Saint Benedict on humility. No matter how many times one hears the steps of humility read aloud then commented, it can take your breath away, what God offers. Outside, the tall tree between the cemetery and the big barn is just beginning to change color for autumn. It is one of the most ‘hard-luck’ trees in terms of its condition/viability and also one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful.

Wednesday 3rd.  Next to the barrier gate on the driveway, is an inconspicuous metal door for pedestrians. It looks almost like part of the gate. Today it was swinging open and closed now and then, highlighting the silence. One robin sang once. Father Innocent went to the Sisters today, to help

New Door : Old Window

celebrate Mother Alfreda’s anniversary of profession.

Thursday 4th. Bede finds the autumn display of colors a bit disappointing this year, his fifteenth in Canada. In the Miramichi, we bumped into a Mass-goer today, who had many good things to tell us. A few times this afternoon, the train’s whistle blew. Our cook Maurice is preparing a cheesecake for Brother Stephan’s birthday tomorrow. Sometimes, the birthday cake is the monk’s request, their favourite, and it is this time.

Friday 5th. An artist guest is here, he loves the Offices, he also likes to do a little cleaning in the guest house while he’s here. Brother Glic was wondering how cool it was outside, as he went to pick apples this morning. Well above zero, but the wind made it much cooler, he found. This afternoon he was giving the back lawn a last cut for the season.

Saturday 6th. This afternoon the geese were quietly floating on the lake. But this time out, they are floating all in a line perpendicular to the lake’s coast, which juts in and out.

Sunday 7th. Bede presided Mass at the Sisters, but took in a good part of Mass here first. A retreatant set out for Moncton, then home to Ontario. Some folks were by to take pictures outside; over the last few days some took portraits of their children, some took grad photos, some just wanted pictures of the trees.

Monday 8th. My family were here for my birthday today. The statistics for our website have been made available to us from our service provider. These include, ranking of countries according to percentage of traffic. The USA visits our site most, then Canada, then Russia, then China.

Tuesday 9th. Stephan drove the old blue dump truck to Moncton to have the windshield replaced but arrived in Moncton only to discover they’d brought in the wrong windshield for it. So back he came.  A guest is here from one of the lovelier areas of Nova Scotia: Parrsboro.

Wednesday 10th. Father Roger along with Lucien wended the way to Nova Scotia, for a tour of agricultural facilities there. This took the day, and even a bit of the night. They had lunch at a restaurant called ‘Snappers’. Apparently they’ve got snapping turtles somewhere outside the restaurant.

Thursday 11th. A nice couple from PEI have brought us organic potatoes, and other gifts. The long-suffering geothermal team were back earlier in the week, but not today. Our rooms are nice and warm. But it seems there’s still some more fine-tuning to do.

Geese on the Lake

Friday 12th. The geese don’t seem near-ready to migrate yet. But sometimes, they actually work on it at night, honking away, in a manner that is both urgent and laid-back.  The dump truck is parked facing the light over the repair shop door for the night. It looks good in blue.

Saturday 13th. Upon publication, the new Roman Missal didn’t win rave reviews as regards some of its translation choices, and this even from the most judicious or kind. With time, I find striking how the Common of the Blessed Virgin Mary has wonderfully-rendered prayers; maybe a step up from the preceding Missal. The prayers really reach up to God. With soft light this morning, the trees on the south horizon were a bit reminiscent of the area around the Gianicolo hill in Rome. The trees here can’t get very tall because of the high water table. A few, scattered trees reach way up.

Sunday 14th. The geo-thermal system sprang a glycol leak today; and the walk-in freezer, now approaching urban legend status, once again malfunctioned. The fellows were by to work on it, with success. They are Jetstream trailer enthusiasts, that was quite a sight.


            Saturday 1st. In front of the guesthouse, there are only two cars, Prince Edward Island licenses. It is always a good feeling to see that plate. Brother Glic and Father Innocent have taken some wire once used to enclose a field to use for the grapevines, which support themselves… Continue Reading


Wednesday 1st. An older couple from town asked where our raspberry canes are and went picking. Their own canes did not render much this year. Léo has been suggesting people pay what they think the berries are worth. We have also been selling tomatoes from the garden, at six dollars per five- pound bag. Thursday… Continue Reading

JULY 2018

Sunday 1st. Canada Day.  Father Clovis’ eightieth birthday.  Someone was walking around the entrance, they were parked, and walking around in little circles. I thought, maybe they don’t want to come in. Maybe they’re upset. But rather, they were musing on and looking at a new sinkhole in our driveway pavement.       Danger: Monks… Continue Reading

JUNE 2018

Friday 1st. Record-breaking heat had our friends the swallows slowing down a lot. It was striking to see them standing almost still, on the wire and notice again how different their shape is from that of other birds. Saturday 2nd. Some neighbours agree that birdsong before dawn has grown to sounding a bit as though… Continue Reading

MAY 2018

Tuesday 1st. Brother Stephan, now freed from morning milking, is able to attend Vigils at 3:40 for the first time in many years. Dom Innocent made a friendly visit to the Trappistines today, sharing Mass and lunch and a good part of the day with them. We had the tires changed on the Ford truck.… Continue Reading

APRIL 2018

Sunday 1st. It is a unique feeling to see neighbours rolling in, very early in the day, for the blessing of the Easter Fire leading up to Eucharist. Everyone in assistance seems more present; more implicated then. Father Bede presided, and for the homily, read Saint John Chrysostom’s Easter Homily: “Let no one mourn that… Continue Reading

MARCH 2018

Thursday 1st. In the night, clouds slightly obscured the moon which, this night, will be full. On a clear night, the full moon can provide quite a lovely vista here, a little like in a storybook. Medical wrappings were removed from the cows’ treated hooves this afternoon. ‘Sede vacante’ went into effect today, and we… Continue Reading


Thursday 1st. We’ve learned of the passing of someone who had helped Father Clovis produce apple juice over many seasons. The world she closed her eyes on was the better for having known one so gentle. Friday 2nd. In the night, a bit of ice slid down the steep barn roof. The moon was barely… Continue Reading


  Monday 1st. Some funny looking cheeses appeared on a cheese board in the refectory for breakfast: a treat -we must be into a new year! In Chapter, we each greete d all the other monks for the first time this year, and out came the calendars. The Abbot shows us the different calendars we’ve… Continue Reading

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